President & Founder

Message from President and Founder

If there is one thing you should know about me is that I live and breathe Transportation and Logistics. I enjoy finding a way to get even the most complex shipments to the right destination and on-time. I have a passion for logistics, a natural born dedication, and heck, why not, I am pretty good at it too! After many years working in what most of us have come to know as “Corporate America”, I decided that I had to branch out and share my knowledge and expertise with other shippers. It was then that GEMCAP® was born. I wanted to go out there and help shippers deliver results in both cost and on-time performance. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the corporate world and forged some of the best friendships as well as business relationships, but I love this most! Without a doubt, every time I meet a new potential customer, I enjoy learning about what drives their business and how I can help raise the bar on delivery standards. I vouch to do the same for your business. I hope that you enjoy our website, but most importantly, that you can sense my passion for Logistics and all it entails. My promise to you is that at GEMCAP®, we will always aim to be
Your Voyage to World Class Transportation.™

Maricelis Montiel-Marrero