We realize your significant savings in time and resources while meeting your cost savings targets.

What We Do

We know that detailed shipment coordination and data integrity is the key to getting your cargo cleared and delivered to customers all over the globe. With our streamlined approach to Logistics Planning, we enable you to realize significant savings in time and resources while meeting and exceeding your cost savings targets.


When you select us as you’re partnering representative, you’re not only hiring our services, you’re increasing productivity and efficiency by having your own personal Logistics Manager. Our services are conducted year round along with flexible hours to adjust to your business needs. Additionally, GEMCAP® will always provide you with ideas that are out of the box and consistent with progressive Supply Chain strategies which aim at reducing and avoiding unnecessary cost, improving performance, optimizing time and paperwork, and increasing visibility throughout.


At GEMCAP®, we will quickly study your business model with an open mind, aiming to find innovative ways to save time and money while increasing efficiency. By understanding your specific needs we are able to provide efficient solutions in the areas of distribution, transportation, and documentation.

With our broad resources we provide you with booking cargo space, negotiating freight rates, consolidating freight where appropriate, arranging cargo insurance, and much more.

Ask about our proficient custom solutions that can save you time and money.


We have the capability of storing your cargo and managing your inventory. Whether we need to reserve an oversized container or securely store your high-valued cargo, GEMCAP’s specialists will treat your commodities with the care and attention it takes to earn your trust.


Our-technology® provides high-speed transportation solutions, which help you reach your market fast and on time. Whether it’s by land or air, critical time shipments are covered with our world-class our-technology® services. We cover all rush or urgent shipments and/or those requiring special handling.

Service Features:
  • 24/7/365 Access to our-technology® specialists
  • Express Mode’s 100% on-time delivery
  • GPS Tracking
  • Load Locks
  • Touching Freight
  • Comprehensive capabilities and custom solutions
  • Technology allowing us to handle more freight with greater efficiency
  • 1-855-GO-GEMCAP is the speed you need